Here at AACM we are very exited to announce:

On November 3/2013, AACM in collaboration with AMIA SH.P.K., started the Green Root project and planted 12 Cypress Tress
near the World Headquarters of the Bektashi Order – in Tirana, Albania.

AACM wishes to kindly thank all participators, donors and volunteers who made the initiative possible.

This is an ongoing initiative and we invite all interested businesses and individuals to participate as this is only the beginning.

You the business donate the roots, you the volunteer donate your time to plant the roots. AACM bridges and takes care of about everything else.
Simple. Fun. Meaningful.

Join in and let’s bring this project where you live.

Nature is ours to care for!

Get in touch. Get involved.

This initiative is a call for collaboration between all sectors, public, private and academic.
There are ways to get involved if the good will is there. You can contribute financially and/or timely.

A small step is better than no step. Join in.

Please support the program close to your heart.
Remember AACM is not financed. The public and donors support each project they want materialized.
Your collaboration is substantial. If each of us does a little, together we can do a lot.
Support AACM. Support purposeful and creative action.
Do join in. Let’s walk together towards sustainable progress.