10001 ROOTS




AACM proposes  a new initiative, the 10001 ROOTS – of different flowers in various communities.
The roots planted are typical of the participating communities, thus in Shkodra we plant the native Lulebore while in Tirana, the native Roses.

This is an initiative to preserve and promote characteristic flora while at the same time improving
substantially air quality and the general spirit and atmosphere in various public spaces,
such as utilitarian sidewalks, public schools and hospitals; and various popular public spaces.


FLOWERMAP shows you where to enjoy the flowers in each community.

Every community may find its place by the 10001 ROOTS! Bring this initiative to your hometown!


This initiative is a call for collaboration between all sectors, public, private and academic.
There are ways to get involved if the good will is there. You can contribute financially and/or timely.


A small step is better than no step.


Join in.


Please support the program close to your heart.
Remember AACM is not financed. The public and donors support each project they want materialized.
Your collaboration is substantial. If each of us does a little, together we can do a lot.
Support AACM. Support purposeful and creative action.
Do join in. Let’s walk together towards sustainable progress.