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At AACM we firmly believe that sustainable progress grounds on humanity’s ability to create and originate new works in art, culture and technology.
Hence we believe in the protection and promotion of intellectual and artistic property, which in turn,
induces economic development, creates new jobs and industries, and encourages social and cultural well-being
all the while accommodating a fair system that consistently stimulates creativity and originality.

AACM will be an active force in the public debate, will offer political monitoring of legislation and lobby the government for better protection of artistic works.


For any questions and concerns about protecting your  creative, intellectual, artistic works, or reporting incidents and flagrant intellectual property rights infringements and  violations, contact AACM.




Remember AACM is not financed. The public and donors support each project they want materialized.
Your collaboration is substantial. If each of us does a little, together we can do a lot.
Support AACM. Support purposeful and creative action.
Do join in. Let’s walk together towards sustainable progress.