03-POSTER-Give to receive




Let’s maintain high emancipation levels by caring for co travelers in need.

This is an initiative to aid families and individuals in need, in urban as well as remote and
under developed regions. The aid will be of material, financial and social nature.


We invite all interested parties to collaborate.


All contributions are welcomed. Used clothes and furniture, toys, books and all you may choose to give away,
will be promptly collected and distributed to the individuals and communities in need.


There are ways to get involved if the good will is there.

If you are not able to contribute timely or financially, a kind word will do just as well.
We welcome postcards and encouraging messages.


Join in travelers!



Please support the program close to your heart.
Remember AACM is not financed. The public and donors support each project they want materialized.
Your collaboration is substantial. If each of us does a little, together we can do a lot.
Support AACM. Support purposeful and creative action.
Do join in. Let’s walk together towards sustainable progress.