Art For Hope the worldwide platform which brings together artists, academics, civic society activists, public and private sector, in an effort to, through Art feed Hope.

The program encourages, develops and aids communities in need while promoting the arts and encouraging cross discipline involvement and multi sector collaboration.


When you support, Art For Hope brings near you, large scale productions, such as concerts, festivals, exhibits, publishings and more one of a kind events.


Art for Hope engages AACM volunteers in exciting artistic activities to support and exhilarate individuals and communities in physical restraint and financial need.


Let’s Art for Hope together!

You can support financially, by donating to this program. You can support timely, by volunteering in the program.

You can support by showing up to the various productions. You can support emotionally by fun post-carding co travelers in need.


Make your pledge. Support Art for Hope.
If we each do a little, it adds up to a lot.



Please support the program close to your heart.
Remember AACM is not financed. The public and donors support each project they want materialized.
Your collaboration is substantial. If each of us does a little, together we can do a lot.
Support AACM. Support purposeful and creative action.
Do join in. Let’s walk together towards sustainable progress.